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During warm weather everyone wants cool fresh air in their premises. Unfortunately this gives flying insects the opportunity to come in and cause not only a nuisance but also a health hazard.

VIP Screens has the perfect solution with their complete range of pest control systems, all available at a surprisingly low cost. Our made to measure designs fit both windows and doors and instantly eliminate this problem. The Food Safety (Food Hygiene) General Regulations 1995, states: which are opened to the outside environment must, where necessary be fitted with insect proof screens...

The use of these products in commercial applications complies with the hygiene regulations preventing the entry of disease carrying flying insects and reduces the reliance on chemicals and sprays. These products are well accepted and used widely against flying insects across Europe not only for commercial applications but also domestic use in conservatories, kitchens etc. Our website contains full details on our commercial fly screening products including our trade price list. If you are new to the website and would like to request a password please click here.

For general enquiries please contact VIP Screens on 01845 525900 for a no obligation quotation.